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Mangal Pandey to Mangal Yaan

Saturday, September 27th, 2014


157 years of new emerging India.

From Religious Learnings to Cutting Edge Technology. From contentment, to the courage to challenge the world.

The Mangalyaan project was conceived in 2010. It got approved on 3rd August 2012. In just 14 Months the Mars Orbiter was launched on 5th Nov. 2013.

  1. The mission represented the perfect collaboration among 13 disciplines of expertise – Electtrical Engineering, Mechanical engineering, Chemical, Civil, Metallurgical, Telecommunication, Electronics, Computer hardware, Astrophysics, Software, Solar energy, Aeronautics and Mathematics. The level of synchronization and ego-free work this must have required is truly amazing.
  2. It was an example of Perfect Project Management. The spare figures speak for themselves – There have been 51 Mars missions so far; 21 of them labelled failures. No country in history ever accomplished the mission in its very first attempt. The accomplishment of ‘First-time right’ simply cannot be overstated.
  3. Perfect Technology – India’s space programme has always been a cut above because of ISRO’s constant thrust on self-sufficiency. With many of the established Space programmes over-protective of their knowledge packets, ISRO had no consultant to advise them or walk them through the umpteen unknowns in a journey across the biggest unknown. The combined prowess of internally generated technologies conquered these unknowns.
  4. Perfect Process – Impeccable planning. All interdependencies worked out for 300 days of Mars orbiter in Space.
  5. Perfect Testing without UAT (User Acceptance Testing) – Just Zero defect. This detail alone is immensely appealing to our perfection obsessed field.

We were hearing lots of ‘Jokes’ about india in all 5 spaces of competencies which ISRO challenged. It proved them all wrong and inspired us all to bring ‘Made in India’ brand in front.

I got humbled today.