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Friday, August 6th, 2010

Today morning: Observation

I observed during meditation that some thoughts which deflected the thought process are in no way linked to all the activities we are engaged in.  These thoughts like ‘Dr Agarwal Eye Clinic’ related or ‘Sushil Jijaji getting Rajai Filled in Delhi area’.

Totally irrelevant!

What is the stimulus of such Thoughts? What is the need of such thoughts? Who creates it? Why does it gets created?

Dream is nothing but stimulated by internal desires or stimulus provided by Universal Consciousness.As soon as my external stimuluses from Eye (close the eyes), The mind starts creating its own stimuluses from the various data points and memory points. It forces these RANDOM linkage of Person and Thoughts to the Attention Hopper in hurry and then it continuously starts feeding it also in random fashion.

I am using the word ‘random’ because I could find any pattern in these thoughts – which can be called Clutter Thoughts.

May be it shows that many data points in mind need to be cleaned up which may result in more ALIGNED thoughts.