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Connecting Waste spaces, Environment and Communities

Saturday, June 13th, 2015
Unexpectedly Clean.

Unexpectedly Clean.

Normally I take my morning walk near home but since it was a Saturday, and the traffic on Chennai roads is still less early in the morning, I decided to walk in, from my perspective, a new area – Kottur Garden. I left home before 6.00 AM. 

Soon after I crossed the bridge I observed a small gate with a board that said ‘Kotturpuram Tree Park’. I entered the park where lots of other morning walkers were walking. The park was extremely clean, with no cigarette butts or broken pathways, which I would expected in Corporation managed parks.

My Observations

1. There is huge variety of trees in the garden and each tree was labeled with its name in English and Tamil.

2. The park is designed well with center meeting space and long running pathways.

3. This park was an initiative of Corporation of Chennai and the NGO Nizhal, with the purpose of cleaning a dump yard full of debris on the bank of Adyar river.

Nizhal's statement of purpose

Nizhal’s statement of purpose

4. The community planted 300 saplings of 150 species of tropical dry evergreen forest.

5. I like the poster at the gate that called for ‘Shram Dan (Donate service)’ on every Sunday.

Lend a hand

Lend a hand

6. Friends of Kotturpuram tree park meet every Sunday evening in a nearby plan and carry out activities for the proper use and enrichment of the park.

7. The park is used as a great community conversation space, learning about nature and species of trees and above all building pride in the neighborhood.

Its a great example of Design Thinking in Action which connects

a. Waste spaces into usable parks and
b. Connecting parks to Specific purpose of Trees and environment awareness and
c. Connecting it to a  self empowered community.

Storage Batteries of Solar Energy for Humans

Sunday, May 10th, 2015

1. Plants create food, converting carbon dioxide and water using solar energy called Photosynthesis.

2. The process of photosynthesis stores Energy in a organic compound called Glucose.

3. Humans consume carbohydrates from various ‘plant produce’ and store it back in glucose form.

4. This glucose is the fundamental source of Human energy.

5. Humans Release Carbon dioxide as a waste product which is a fundamental ingredient of Photosynthesis, so similar to photovoltaic method of storing solar to electrical energy.

Beautiful zero waste Nature Energy Cycle.


Design of Peacock Feather

Friday, May 1st, 2015

The Science & intelligence of Cell Division

My Observations

1. We all know the beauty of feather of Peacock. Just go a step deeper – how a Feather gets created with such a beautiful ‘eye’, with so many colours and every colour in the right place.

2. We all know feathers are created by cell division, one by one.

3. Each cell divisions produces a similar structure to itself after division.

4. Initial cells from the corner start with green colour.

5. The colour of ‘centre of eye’ has such a set of bright colours. how come green cell divides to create cell with blue or brown colour?

6. The feather consists of hundred of strands.

7. To get the ‘Eye’ completed, EVERY CELL OF EACH STRAND NEED TO KNOW ITS EXACT LOCATION OF THE COLOUR at the time of its division so that complete beautiful EYE unveils itself.

Where is this intelligence hidden in feather?

This forces me to think what is the purpose of the large and beautiful feather for the survival of Peacock? Yes its meant for attracting female for carrying forward its progeny, but how come such a design fits into Darwin theory of ‘Survival of fittest’ or ‘Theory of random mutation’.
I can only ascribe this to THE NATURE, THE SUPREME NATURE.


Pondering Chemistry

Thursday, April 9th, 2015

1. Inorganic chemistry – where humans can create new compounds.
2. Organic chemistry – where only nature (life energy) can create new compounds.
Question : Humans have learnt to create such complex formulas in the pharma industry. Why then can humans not create Glucose – C6 H12 O6 – by its basic elements – carbon, hydrogen and oxygen?

Glucose Balls

The Force

Friday, January 20th, 2012


I was listening to a conversation between Brahmakumari Shivani and Suresh Oberoi.

In the course of their conversation, I picked some points which connected a few dots in my mind.

She said:

1. ‘Thought is Destiny’

Then she explained sub elements:

– The nature of Thought evokes Feeling

– Feeling helps in building Attitude

– Attitude brings in Action.

This cycle repeats.

If we can control the Nature of Thoughts, Action will get controlled.


2. Multiple actions originating from similar Nature of Thought builds ‘Habit’.

The Habit itself enables the Thinking Process and influences the Nature of Thoughts.

Thus in a nutshell, controlling Thought is the key for defining Destiny.