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Just Walk

Sunday, May 3rd, 2015

On Wednesday, I met a colleague from Polaris, Suresh Kamath. He mentioned to me that he walks every day 10 to 12 Km. I asked a few questions because I started regular walk after getting inspiration from my brother and committed that I would walk at least 2 km for 20 days in month. Not a big goal. During 2012, 2013 I could maintain that small walking consistently. I increased this goal to 200 km per quarter during Oct-Dec 2014 and Jan to March quarter.

10 km per day was big goal against 3 kms per day for around 22 days in a month(Take out travel days) to achieve 200 Km across three months.

I got inspired from Suresh and did 10 Km per day for 3 days in a row – Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

A small, satisfying milestone.



Friday, May 1st, 2015

I was watching a video, created by Carl Sagan, on the cosmos. The videos are depicted beautifully in simple language and visuals, the complexity of COSMOS. There are 7 DVDs.

2 random Questions

1. The diameter of Earth is 12600 Kms. At what speed Earth rotates which we don’t feel?

2. What is a Astronomical Unit?


Pondering Chemistry

Thursday, April 9th, 2015

1. Inorganic chemistry – where humans can create new compounds.
2. Organic chemistry – where only nature (life energy) can create new compounds.
Question : Humans have learnt to create such complex formulas in the pharma industry. Why then can humans not create Glucose – C6 H12 O6 – by its basic elements – carbon, hydrogen and oxygen?

Glucose Balls