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Saturday, November 12th, 2011

Yesterday I was watching a movie ‘Bubblegum’. The movie reminded me of my childhood and dilemmas faced in growing up years. The movie is based on  a deaf and dumb boy who studies in a hostel and his younger brother who is normal teenager. The story is focussed on the dynamics of parents in terms of their relationship with both children and each other.

During the movie, one dialogue hit me – Between the two sons, who is handicapped?

I felt that it’s easy to spot a physical handicap and feel a sense of pity about the disability. We don’t feel sorry for the disability but feel sorry for the person. Even my own mind was clouded by some unknown emotion which prevented me from accepting the two children as equals. It was as though there was a dark space in my mind.

In a human body, having a non functioning part is like having 3 rooms in a house where one room does not have light. It is as simple as that – and one can still live in the other two rooms.

But the more important realisation is: do I realise or recognise –

  1. How many people around me are handicapped because they are infected with the lifelong disability of Anger? It’s a disability which doesn’t only make them sick but infects hundreds of people around them.
  2. How many people around me are handicapped because they are infected with acquired disability of Arrogance? Can you believe that a human being actually feels happy and excited by acquiring this disability?
  3. How many people around me are handicapped because they never realised when they got the disability of Greed? It’s like a cancer cell growing somewhere in the body without giving any signal to the person or to anyone else.

It turned on lights in the dark room of my mind space – my understanding of the word Disability – Disease of Ability.


Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

What is Management?

Management is nothing but managing  EGO, Greed and Fear.

Two of the four Kashaya or Negative properties of Human mind.

It may look to be more than these two like

  1. Building and nurturing Aspiration
  2. Aligning the goals to produce effective Action
  3. Creating some value for the Humanity for which you can charge.

EGO here can be defined as ‘I am Different’. Most of management books are delivered on “Techniques of Being Different

Greed is nothing but Fuel which drives people to become different.