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Monday, October 24th, 2011

First step – Alignment of the organisation thinking process
Second Step – People must be knowing the Art of doing it
Third step – Applying knowing in doing it without getting cluttered

Most of the people in the similar cluster of knowledge ‘Knows the stuff’ the difference is in Application of knowldege to action.

What are the barriers for it?

  1. Looking the problems from the distance or not trying to solve the problems from within the forest – Perspective
  2. Connecting the dots of the application
  3. Getting into L3 level details
  4. Courage to take action


Monday, November 22nd, 2010

As per medical science – Each thought sends signals to other parts of the body. These signals get communicated to all the cells in the body.

Based on above hypothesis

  1. More divergent thoughts will send diverse signals to muscles and thus may result into quick exhaustion.
  2. Aligned thought results in more conserved energy and thus gives Relaxed feeling on the face and the body.

Energy Consumption by Muscles can be directly proportional to the intensity of thought process.

Relaxation is directly proportional to Aligned Thought.