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Intellect Design Arena To Be Listed Soon

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

October 10 was a very important day for us, Record Day, as we call it, when Polaris Services business has traded independently as ex-Intellect Design Arena Limited. It’s a major step in the journey of the Polaris where Services company created one of the largest Intellectual products for Retail banking, Capital markets, Global transaction banking and Insurance space by investing over 1000 Crores (around 100 Crore per year) over last 10 years. Now Intellect, which is around 600 crore revenue business with 200 marquee banks as customers can take care of itself for the investments and growth.

Now next step is listing of Intellect Design Arena Limited independently in coming weeks. Here’s a brief interview I gave to ET Now. Published with their kind consent.

Mangal Ho! – Inspiration from 225 Million KM away

Friday, September 26th, 2014

(Here is an article published in Connect – our in-house newsletter) 



The vast expanse of stars and celestial bodies have tantalized man’s curiosity for eons. Indians particularly, have explored and attempted to de-mystify the planetary secrets for ages through keen observation of their movements and recorded the influence on earthly beings. Mars – known as ‘Mangal’ in India – the diffident, red-faced neighbour of our planet has evaded several attempts of humans in the past from entering its orbit and probing its mysteries. Only a few have succeeded thus far. Yet, ISRO’s (Indian Space Research Organisation) Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) – fondly called ‘Mangalyaan’ back home – successfully entered the Martian orbit in the very first attempt. But that’s not the only reason why the entire nation and world is talking so much about ‘Mangalyaan’ right now.

This critical space probe mission has all ingredients of a perfectly planned and executed project. One cannot set aside the fact that the overall cost of sending MOM into Martian orbit falls under $75m. That is less than how much money it took to make the movie Gravity (says! All the necessary equipment required for the mission was made to fit around a 1300 kg weight limit. From obtaining government approval to final execution, the entire feat was achieved in less than 15 months!

It is remarkable to think of how this zero-defect accomplishment was made in such short time period and at such low cost. The Indian space agency has achieved what American, European and Russian agencies could not. This success has indeed elevated the status of the “Made in India” label and placed us on a high pedestal in the global arena.

The reason why we are so excited about this phenomenal success in the Polaris banyan is because it humbles us, inspires us and exhibits very visible connect with our value systems – breaking limiting beliefs, achieving a perfect design, delivery excellence, getting first time right, zero-defect and extreme execution.

At the core of any successful project lies good design. The extent of collaboration within multiple teams involved in this project deserves applause to begin with. The efficiency with which the operations were handled is an essential lesson in the power of planning and skill of precision. Every single element used to build this spacecraft and launch it into space was accurately engineered to deliver extreme performance. The amount of risk taken and managed is awe-inspiring. It feels exhilarating to say that this can happen only in India.

There are lot of learnings to gain from this magnificent success story. The tremendous efforts, the commitment, the focus, the vision, the humility, the team work. And we are determined to take this far and deep into our practices to continue breaking grounds for all our customers. If the complexity of astrophysics can be dealt with so deftly, simplicity in financial technology can be achieved by adoption of the same principles.

Coming soon: Arun Jain’s take on the Mars mission – Mangal Pandey to Mangalyaan


Friday, November 11th, 2011

This morning when I woke up, my daughter reminded me that today was a special day.  I asked her ‘Why?’  wondering if I missed any birthday in the family.  She told me that the day was special because it says 11th November,2011.  And suddenly, it occurred to me that all the 3 elements of dd, mm, yy are 11 i.e. 11.11.11 – truly,  The Power of Three.

In mythology, The Power of Three is referred to as Trinity.

Christianity has defined the Trinity to be the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. It is interesting that the three divine persons are distinct, yet co-exist in Unity

Most of us grew up learning about Hindu Mythology and the Holy Trinity. Brahma as the Creator, Vishnu as the Preserver and Shiva as the destroyer (in the context of re-generation).  The Trinity of the female Goddesses is represented by Saraswati, Goddess of Knowledge, Lakshmi for wealth and Parvati for Power or strength.

Mythology talks about success and satisfaction  coming from the presence of the Trinity – never one without the other and never one above the other. Pragmatically speaking, what is the use of wealth if one does not possess good health or does not have the wisdom to channelize that wealth? Or what is the use of knowledge, if it does not manifest into wealth creation or betterment of our family, society and our eco system?

Now, where is all this leading to? I picked up a very powerful message in this for every IT professional. Are we nurturing the Trinity within us?  But first, how do I define Trinity for an IT professional?

Trinity in our world, would translate into Domain, Technology and Process.

We have spent decades in this industry nurturing domain knowledge, technology and process knowledge… but in individual silos. We seem to be looking at “expertise” individually – as a Domain expert, a Technology expert, or Delivery expert.  Shouldn’t we be calling ourselves “Solution Experts”.  Solution is about solving customer problems and this requires all the 3 expertise, coming together!!!!

If you have the ‘Trinity’ in you, ie the combined lens of domain, process and technology , what would you be doing differently?

You will create Trinity of Goddesses!!!

Design completely ;   Diagnose accurately   and Deliver (D-3 OTIF).

Design is all about being functionally complete and aesthetically beautiful. You can design your calendar for better time planning, design program code for higher performance, design a project plan to use resources efficiently, or design test scripts to reduce efforts and ensure complete coverage, design Analytics which can help it’s user to take better decisions, design effective data models, design data migration, design customer experience etc etc. It’s all about DESIGN that makes an IPhone different from other smart phones. Don’t you agree?

With the Trinity of domain, technology and process, your diagnostics capabilities would move from a General Practitioner to a Specialist. Imagine the difference between a ‘rip apart’ surgery to a precision Laparoscopic surgery ! Understanding of Domain, technology and Process at L3 level gives you the ability of accurately spotting the problem/constraint/defect in a 3-dimension frame.

Delivery within Scope, Time and Cost is an outcome of superior design and sharper diagnostics resulting in delivering 3 days ahead of schedule. D-3 OTIF is ultimate customer satisfaction !

On 11.11.11, let me wish all of you The Power of Three !  My friends, it is time to switch on all the lights within you.