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Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

What is conflict?

Conflict is a gap between what you expect and what you get.  Thus Conflict is a natural phenomenon among most of the human beings because every human being has an independent “Business rule engine” due to his life experiences and conditioning.

Issue is ‘How do we’..

  • Recognise Conflict?
  • Accept conflict?
  • Deal with Conflict?

Every conflict consumes small amount of energy which I am naming as “Conflict energy”.

Any conflict can result into two behaviors :

  • Subordinate Mode
  • Supervisor Mode

Subordinate Mode – Behavior as a child, as a student, as a younger brother, as a subordinate in title in office, as a visitor or guest. In other words – Subordinate Mode is an expression where I am physically or emotionally in a weaker position than the other person in conflict.  In subordinate mode – The person with a conflict is soft and tries to absorb the conflict.  The conflict created may result into ‘Conflict Energy’. In case you are not able to take out heat energy on other persons then conflict energy gets converted into ‘pain energy’.

Supervisor Mode – When a person is in higher position ie as a Parent, as a Guru, as a Teacher, as an elder, as a person with more authority in a system, it may be called as supervisor mode.  Conflict energy in supervisor mode gets translated to the form of ANGER.

This conflict energy is in a mature manner. Though it is natural that conflict energy may result into anger but as a part of the awareness of a supervisor, it may have opportunity to convert into advice or suggestion, sharing.

Written in Jan ‘07