Driving Change at Grass Root Level, Igniting Young Minds

The second edition of the Ullas Confluence 2017 held on 24th and 25th February at Navalur, Chennai witnessed a team of 150 members from (Talent Quest India) TQI-Ullas from 15 districts of Tamil Nadu. There were also 250 student volunteers from other districts.

1. The members of this Ullas were from 19 colleges from the districts of Salem, Tuticorin, Tirunelveli, Tiruppur, etc.

2. Each district has 12-20 members similar to what we have in Ullas.

3. Three district groups are managed by 1 cluster Head for mentoring.

4. Each member took the responsibility of reaching out to the Ullas Summit classes for at least 3 years.

5. The Ullas social club takes an approval from their own college and then from the Headmaster of the school. They manage to travel up to 30-50 km at their own expenses.

The TQI-Ullas team was founded by the students of SRM University, 5 years ago. Few members are working full time in different companies like TCS, KPIT, Cognizant, Godrej, etc.

They spend their weekends to bring CHANGE AT GRASS ROOT level by supporting in building dreams when the child is 13 years using ‘Diary of Dreams’.

The curriculum of shaping the thinking of young minds has been divided into 20 modules and further divided into 5 classes for each class from standard 9 to 12.

The Ullas volunteers act as Facilitators and Mentors for young children of all schools.

The Summit classes help in building DESIGN THINKING SKILLS during High school.

Summit 1 (9th Grade) designed for the students of Class 9 revolves around Shaping Dreams, Role Models, Identify Positives, Memory Techniques, and Removing Fear of Grammar.

Summit 2 (10th Grade) focuses on the importance of Planning, Team Work, Learning to Organise, and Magic of Appreciation.

Summit 3 (11th Grade) is all about Influencing, Balancing Priorities, Working with Constraints, Respond vs, React, and Listening vs. Hearing.

Summit 4 (12th grade) is about Communication skills through creating a First Impression, Preparing News Report, Unleashing Imagination, Stress Management and Persuasive Articulation.

Our Observations on Impact.

1. Since the curriculum is not content specific and helps in shaping the thinking, it helps in growing the school child mind.

2. Though it is designed for school children, we observed that the teacher learns more than what he/she teaches. He becomes humongously confident and responsible. They are becoming more Employable.

3. The members shared their moving stories during the Confluence.

4. They published a book named ‘Roots of Change’ by themselves from their own ‘little’ funds.

5. They represent old Ullas adage – ‘ordinary people driving extraordinary impact’.

Overall, they are focused on the Sustainability of these social clubs.

The TQI-Ullas Team at the Second Edition of Ullas Confluence 2017

Snapshot from the ongoing confluence

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