The Magic of ‘Ullas’

Ullas program now has taken another wings with Talent Quest for India (TQI) founded at SRM College and partnered with Ullas Trust to take Summit Programs to schools in rural areas and villages.

Now, TQI-Ullas has reached out to 15 districts in Tamil Nadu that involves students from more than 25 colleges as TQI leaders with purpose.

Three years back they started off with 1,000 students and now mentoring over 7,000 students.

During the Ullas Confluence at Chennai on 25th and 26th Feb, where all the volunteers (over 150) participated at the Polaris Intellect campus, I was very much impressed by their confidence and commitment for mentoring students. These volunteers (I call Leaders) came from villages as small as 150 houses and first time engineers from their villages.

I was moved by their sheer passion. A Great learning.

Kudos to the Ullas team led by Sukanya Sreenivas, Col. Vidyasagar, Anbu Rathinavel, Padmini Sharathkumar and all of Polaris and Intellect volunteers.

A volunteer in action at the Ullas Summit at Elambalur

Young minds with a positive expression

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