My Diary – Behaviour and Genes

We all believe that our behavior is an outcome of our environment, and not a part of Genes.

I was observing different kinds of birds. All the birds have similar capabilities like flying, but their behaviors are different.

My Observations:
1. Migratory birds which comes to our locality have clearly defined leader. All birds follow the leader.
2. Parrots are ‘playing’ birds. They play with each other like a young kids play on the field.
3. Pigeons like to relax around human habitats. They are not afraid of human beings and live nearby.
4. Crows are independent and angry birds. They keep searching for food and as soon as someone finds it, they call other friends for company.
5. Owls behave as an individual researcher. They remain as loner in a tree crevice.

We can also observe many other birds and write about them.

My question is,

  1. Is behavior too a part of the genetic inheritance based on species?
  2. Is behavior encoded in DNA or some other place?

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