There is No Limit for Human Thinking

TRAIN WITHOUT WHEELS running at 430 km hr.

Yesterday, I travelled on a MAGLEV (derived from magnetic levitation) train at Shanghai. The train runs from Shanghai City to Airport. Afterall, it took 420 Sec or just 7 minutes to reach the Airport.

If this is implemented in India, then the maximum distance from Delhi to Mumbai will be covered in just 3 hours.

My Observations:

1. Magnetic Levitation is a technology that was first experimented in 1934.
2. The first Maglev train started in the U.K. in 1984 from Birmingham Airport. But unfortunately, in 1995, it had to be closed due to commercial viability.
3. The Maglev technology is getting matured by two countries – Japan and Germany. No America this time.
4. Shanghai decided to launch the Maglev train in 2001 and finally launched it on 1st Jan 2004.
5. The project cost was close to 40 million per km and a total of 1.3 Billion dollars.
6. The train accelerates at 30 km per 10 secs and later accelerates much faster.
7. It took two-and-a-half minutes to reach 430 km/hr speed and was at halt for not more than 2 minutes and started off to the next station.
8. The whole experience was much better than an air travel. Zero Noise and that too on surface.

My Learnings:

1. There is no Limit for Human thinking – an example of movement without wheels.
2. There is no Limit for Human courage – to experiment with path-breaking technologies. I really don’t know how did they test the end-to-end technology in real world, I could barely imagine that.

At Shanghai Maglev Station

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