My Diary – Leadership Styles

Leadership Styles (4th December, 2016)


1. Grass – Grows horizontally on the ground occupying more space; allows people to walk on it.
2. Seasonal flowering plant – Grows beautiful flowers in a season and then destroys itself.
3. Creepers – It grows on support of others plants/species.
4. Fruit Trees – Continuously provides fruits to humans year-on-year.
5. Shade Trees – Grows tall and provides shade/shelter for all purposes.
6. Tall Trees – Grows tall and taller individually without any obstruction.

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Observations by Dr. Sundar:

Shrubs – Exist; do not contribute much anyway.
Cactus – Survives amidst adversity, are the only green spots in such a landscape; otherwise prickly and inaccessible. Bonsai – Has a potential to grow, but is not allowed to.
Banyan – Allows offspring to develop roots and grows in stature.
Coconut tree and the like – every part is useful, not only the fruit.
Carnivorous plants – need I say more?

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