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Lifetime Achievement Award by CII

Friday, September 30th, 2016

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and the Govt. of Tamil Nadu have conferred me the Lifetime Achievement Award on 28th September, 2016. I feel humbled by the recognition from peers and colleagues of the industry.

This is an outcome of vision of Konarks and Partners at Polaris who dared to dream big and achieved it.

This is an outcome of the customers who trusted with their critical banking system technology with us.

This is an outcome of the wisdom of the all the Board Members as well as consultants who advised us at every step in our journey. Above all these, it is also an outcome of the support of all of you who helped me in shaping up my thinking.

Thank you one and all.

My understanding of ‘Das Lakshan Dharam’ – Design Thinking in Action for celebrating High Performance Life

Monday, September 5th, 2016

Tomorrow is the beginning of Das Lakshan Parva, which means 10 virtues for 10 days. My understandings of this festival are:

1. I used to visit temple during these days with my father. We used to sit down in few lectures randomly. I use to feel good but was not able to connect to my daily life. Few years back, I was searching for framework from Indian scriptures in relation to where deep knowledge has been made repeatable. I found the answer in ‘Paryushan Parva’, where Jains celebrate 10 Principles of High Performance Life for 10 days committed to learning.

2. Process Design: There are three innovations in this process design
a. Each day is dedicated to understand, reflect and learn about one virtue.
b. Guru (Pandit) has to be some other temple or other city to provide different perspective of the virtue.
c. The learning process has three sessions – Morning lecture form, Afternoon – Dialogue form and Evening – Lecture and Clarifications.
3. I relate 10 virtues similar to 7 habits of effective leadership

Habit 1 – Uttam Kshma (Supreme Forgiveness) – reverse of Anger – Powerful vs Forgiveness. Container of disappointments poured out on weakest person in the link.
Habit 2 – Uttam Mardava (Supreme Humility) – Reverse of Arrogance(EGO) – I know it all vs I need to know.
Habit 3 – Uttam Aarjava (Straight Forwardness) – Reverse of Deceit(Maya) – What I think, What I Say, What I do are aligned.
Habit 4 – Uttam Shauch (Purity or Contentment) – Reverse of Greed – I want more.
Habit 5 – Uttam Satya – (Truth) – Search for Real Truth not just ‘speaking truth’. Searching for root cause.
Habit 6 – Uttam Sanyam (Self restraint) – Having Patience and not hurt anyone living beings.
Habit 7 – Uttam Tapa – The process of learning – Disciplining Senses and Disciplining Mind.
Habit 8 – Uttam Tyaag – Letting Go vs just giving Donation – Letting go your attachments
Habit 9 – Uttam Akinchanya (Non Attachment) – Detachment from all Emotional attachments and past.
Habit 10 – Uttam Brahamcharya – it’s not about celibacy but about Total Surrender to true knowledge of Soul. Follow the Brahma – The power of Nature.

The Process design and extreme distilling the knowledge of life in just 10 virtues which can drive ethics, Collaboration and continuous learning in community is a true examples of Design Thinking in action for celebrating High Performance Life

My Diary – 19th Ullas Annual Day 2016

Saturday, September 3rd, 2016

The 19th Ullas Day – ‘Diary of Dreams’ Workshop was celebrated with over 1,800 people gathering at the Music Academy, Chennai. About 1,263 Class 9 students were from selected as ‘Ullas Young Achievers’ in 2016 from 210 Govt. and Corporation schools.

Every year I conduct workshop with these students and learn from the workshop. During the workshop, we request every student to pen down their dreams in special diary and share with others. As a sample, I ask few students to announce their dreams in public.

My observations of today’s questions from the next generation:

1. Among all the dreams, there was an explicit ‘purpose’ of choosing a dream. The purpose was like helping in removing poverty, helping the poor, helping in abolishing corruption, teaching, breaking into scientific or space technologies.
2. Out of the 50 students who shared their dreams, only 6 students wanted to become Engineers or Doctors.
3. The new dreams were around IAS, Bankers, Agriculturist, Scientist, Astronaut, Sportsperson and even Politician.
4. I was surprised by the courage of three dreams: One young achiever mentioned becoming the President of India and the second young achiever dreamt on becoming a Prime Minister of the country.

Post the event, all friends of Ullas – close to 100 people from Virtusa Polaris and Intellect – shared few touching stories.

To me every year, the Ullas Annual Day converts into a very heavy evening filled with emotions. During these reflections I find myself among those 1,263 young achievers as a 13-year-old Arun, who didn’t have any dreams at that age.

Ullas Young Achievers in 210 Govt. and Corporation schools

About 1,263 Ullas Young Achievers from 210 govt and corporation schools were selected as Ullas Young Achievers

About 1,263 Ullas Young Achievers from 210 govt and corporation schools were selected as Ullas Young Achievers