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Come and Experience the Design Mind – ‘Unmukt’, the Power of Design Thinking

Monday, June 13th, 2016

I will be conducting a full-day workshop on Design Thinking named Unmukt on 25th June, 2016 at Hotel Taj Coromandel, Chennai. A lot of visitors, guests, students, etc., who visit the FT8012 Design Center, requested and enquired on attending this workshop. And fortunately, this time we have decided to allot 30 seats for the external participants who are interested in attending the workshop.

Unmukt’ is one-of-a-kind opportunity that nurtures not only the Design minds, but also reaches out to the common audience to spread the uniqueness of application of Design Thinking in all perspectives of everyday life.

The programme covers powers of boundary-less thinking (Unmukt) and how Design Thinking helps in moving from mystery of Business to Heuristics and then to Algorithm. It also emphasizes the role of emotional elements in moving Design Thinking from ‘Just ideas’ to the ‘Implementation’ of ideas.

I am attaching a cost of Rs. 10,000/- per participant. This fee is to demonstrate serious interest in principle of ‘Design Thinking’ and ‘Unmukt’. This fee will not be collected by anyone from my office (Intellect). The participant has to donate this amount to a charity of their choice.

For further communication you can contact Dr. Anbu Rathinavel – Programme coordinator. Interested participants can write to

 Programme: Unmukt

Date: 25th June, 2016

Venue: Hotel Taj Coromandel, Chennai

Timings: 9.30 a.m to 5.00 p.m  

Arun Jain in action during one of the 'Unmukt' sessions.

During one of the ‘Unmukt’ sessions.