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Friday, May 13th, 2016

Why Chocolate is a multi billion dollar milk product sold globally?

Why Khoya Barfi, which is also a milk product, is still a local Indian product?

Like Chocolate, Khoya Barfi also has many variants and exclusive recipes.

Barfi can be known in the world as a product similar to how chocolate is known as product of Switzerland.

What Cadbury and Nestle did 100 years back?

1. Created a brand called Cadbury not ‘Chocolate’.
2. Created a museum where chocolate gets ‘cooked’ i.e., converted Halwai Ki Dukan (cook shop) to Museum.
3. In the museum, they linked chocolate discovery to History. I am sure for each recipe of Barfi, India will have many stories of Chefs of various kingdoms. Like Dhoda from Haryana, Pista Barfi from UP, Kalakand from Rajasthan etc. You can add all of these to this list.
4. Simplified Distribution: Created a Sachet packets of 20 gms of milk product in gold and silver foils.
5. Barfi is still sold in units of Kgs like Half Kg or Quarter Kg, but not in grams. It is sold through a specialist sweet store and not sold in road-side retail stores.
6. Spent Marketing dollars to create a separate category of milk product called Chocolate.

The art of influencing the outcome can be called as Marketing.

Creating a multi billion dollar industry whether it is Coke (Coca Cola), Mochi (shoe maker) called Nike or Soap called Lux are other outcomes of creating billions of dollars by the power of Marketing.

My Diary – Mystery of Nature

Saturday, May 7th, 2016

Neela Kurinji is a flower that blooms in South India once in every 12 years. It bloomed last in 2006. People in the region used to calculate their ages based on the blooming cycle.

There can be a reproductive cycle of the flower after every 12 years which can be genetically coded like few other trees that produce fruits every alternate year. Man can break the cycle by growing new plants every year to ensure he gets blooming from some plants every year; but in this case, even the plants that are grown between 2007 and 2010 or later, will also bloom in 2018.

The mystery is,

‘How the plants connect to the exact calendar for the flowering?’

‘Is there any gene/plant system that can understand the absolute calendar, not the relative calendar or is there any other communication mechanism that nature has with such plants’ or plants and flowering that is governed by a planetary movement.

I am curious to know.

If anyone is interested in solving this mystery I am willing to find the research.

The blossom of Neelakurinji

The blossom of Neelakurinji


Definition of Life

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

Life is the means by which a man develops himself and expresses himself through his creative faculty.

Life in other words is like a great canvas on which man, the artist with his peculiar brand of paint of many values, and the firm strokes of free will, brings into existence his indelible work of art, which either helps enhance human progress or retards it.

If he uses a large mixture of self-centred values, which are like water colours, fade away with age. On other hand, if he uses mainly altruistic values or objective values, which are like earth paints used at Ajanta that have retained their freshness through the centuries. That’s the process of creating economy of permanence.

– Dr. J C Kumarppa (Economist of Gandhiji)

J C Kumarappa

J C Kumarappa

My Question – Labels and Principles

Sunday, May 1st, 2016

I was having a dialogue with one of my close associate and was conversing on ‘What could be the right developmental model for the humanity?’ After a while, we found out that our thoughts were subservient to three ‘Labels’ – Capitalism, Socialism and Communism. I suddenly realised that our listening to each other is getting hampered because of the images that each one of us is carrying around ‘Labels’.

Then a question came up in my mind that, instead of labels can we try to understand the principles behind these philosophies.

I want to start the DIALOGUE through this forum.

1. What images or words come to your mind when someone refers to label – ‘Capitalism’?

2. What images or words come to your mind when someone refers to label – ‘Socialism’?

3. What images or words come to your mind when someone refers to label – ‘Communism’?

Below are the conversations and responses from my fellow mates:

  1. Aalok Yadav: Without having a deep sense of psychology, nobody can understand what the philosophy should be. Humanism has a great strength to nourish Communism, Socialism and Capitalism in a balanced manner with the thought, duty and service (‘Kartavya Aur Seva Bhaav Se‘).
  2. Raj GanesarajahCapitalism – Innovation, access to capital and self-drive determines your place in life
    Socialism – The collective of above all
    Communism – The few in power dictates all
  3. Narendra Mehrotra: There is another model on the principle of ‘Sarvodaya’ profounded by Mahatma Gandhi. The ‘Sanatan’ model on the principles of Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah was similar. We need to go deeper.
  4. Jay KrishnanCapitalism – Where humans are not worried to the money in hand
    Socialism – Investment done through others for getting benefit of their own
    Communism – Advice others, see the benefit and then invest
    Humanism – All the above are subject to market risk so keep out to be human