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Beauties and Mysteries of Nature

Saturday, April 23rd, 2016

1. 25th March 2016 was the peak Bloom Day for Cherry Blossom in USA.
2. In the same week, Japan also had peak Bloom Day.
3. What an experience where 70% of the flowers decides to bloom on the same day; millions and millions of flowers – all together.
4.These flowers bloom from thousands of trees spread across large global areas.

Few questions:

1. All branches of the tree are fully blossomed with flowers with no empty space. Who coordinates simultaneous blooming since tree does not have any nervous system?

2. All Cherry Blossom trees bloom in the same week, i.e., simultaneously in USA or Japan. How they decide the date of simultaneous blooming across thousands of trees?

3. Do Cherry Blossom trees have well-defined Internet before human being invented?

Few experts from Washington or Japan can respond.

Indu Chandhiramohan highlighted that this happened in Tokyo on 15th March and in New York 16th March.

The Mystery behind is,

  • Do all trees across the same family communicate?
  • Does Genes have absolute dates codified?


Godwit’s Endurance

Saturday, April 23rd, 2016

Endurance – Nonstop flight for 11,500 km

A female shorebird was recently found to have flown 11,500 kilometers nonstop from Alaska to New Zealand —without taking any break for food or drink. It is equivalent to the distance from New Delhi to New York.

It is the longest nonstop bird migration ever measured, according to the biologists who tracked the bird’s flight using satellite tags.

The bird, a wader called a bar-tailed Godwit, completed the journey in nine days. In addition to demonstrating the bird’s surprising endurance, the trek confirms that godwits make the southbound trip of their annual migration directly across the vast Pacific rather than along the East Asian coast.

Interesting Facts

1. The bird is normally weighs 300 grams. Before the flight, she adds another 300 grams to become 600 grams. During the nine days, she uses this extra fat.

2. This means that she consumes 300 grams of fat for travelling 11,500 km – which means fuel efficiency of 39 km per gram of fat.

A bar-tailed Godwit

A bar-tailed Godwit

My Learnings – Holistic Development

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

Today is Mahavir Jayanti. I have taken a half-day off. In the morning, I had a relaxed meditation.

Over the last 3 months, we have initiated a project on applying Design Thinking for Holistic development.

What is Holistic Development?

Holistic development has two words: Holistic and Development.

Holistic can defined as a complete development and for all.

Development is the process of growth where human innovations and ingenuity can be leveraged to drive better utilization of the resources. In other words, getting higher throughput in terms of Safety, Health, Education and Comfort.

When I look at the teachings of Mahavir, I felt that Mahavir was a Philosopher with social development agenda in mind. He understood the need of understanding negative forces in the society which act as dampener in development of Humanity. These frictional forces are – Arrogance, Anger, Greed and Deceit. He also understood that for society to be holistic, one needs four positive forces.

These positive forces are:

  • Satya (Principle-based Leadership)
  • Sanyam (Perseverance and Commitment)
  • Tyag (Selfless Leadership)
  • Tap (Discipline and Learning).

For driving change in society, he chose the path of spirituality because it has more acceptance than any other means of communication. He acted like a professor who taught the public through ‘Open large Classrooms’. He could package the teachings as a part of rituals called ‘Das lakshan Dharma‘ where he included two more spiritual elements [Detachment from the materialistic world (Aparigraha) and Acknowledgement of Atma separate from Body – Brahmacharya].

Even today, these simplified learnings are still surviving after 2,500 years of his death. That is the power of Pure and Holistic Teaching.

Das Lakshan Dharma

Das Lakshan Dharma