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Connecting Waste spaces, Environment and Communities

Saturday, June 13th, 2015
Unexpectedly Clean.

Unexpectedly Clean.

Normally I take my morning walk near home but since it was a Saturday, and the traffic on Chennai roads is still less early in the morning, I decided to walk in, from my perspective, a new area – Kottur Garden. I left home before 6.00 AM. 

Soon after I crossed the bridge I observed a small gate with a board that said ‘Kotturpuram Tree Park’. I entered the park where lots of other morning walkers were walking. The park was extremely clean, with no cigarette butts or broken pathways, which I would expected in Corporation managed parks.

My Observations

1. There is huge variety of trees in the garden and each tree was labeled with its name in English and Tamil.

2. The park is designed well with center meeting space and long running pathways.

3. This park was an initiative of Corporation of Chennai and the NGO Nizhal, with the purpose of cleaning a dump yard full of debris on the bank of Adyar river.

Nizhal's statement of purpose

Nizhal’s statement of purpose

4. The community planted 300 saplings of 150 species of tropical dry evergreen forest.

5. I like the poster at the gate that called for ‘Shram Dan (Donate service)’ on every Sunday.

Lend a hand

Lend a hand

6. Friends of Kotturpuram tree park meet every Sunday evening in a nearby plan and carry out activities for the proper use and enrichment of the park.

7. The park is used as a great community conversation space, learning about nature and species of trees and above all building pride in the neighborhood.

Its a great example of Design Thinking in Action which connects

a. Waste spaces into usable parks and
b. Connecting parks to Specific purpose of Trees and environment awareness and
c. Connecting it to a  self empowered community.

Green Veteran

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

4000 ton ship runs on Green energy

We visited the US war ship USS Constellation at Baltimore harbour. The war ship was constructed in 1853 and carries 23 Guns and 4000 tons of weight. It contributed in Civil war, World War I as well as World War II. It travelled up to Africa from the US.

It purely ran on Green energy for 100 years, i.e., using sails.


Green and mean

Green and mean