Holi – A Festival Designed For Social Development

More than just a dash of colour

More than just a dash of colour

I observed that the Holi festival, which looks like a simple fun-filled fete, has some deep design principles embedded into it, which may help in social harmony and social development.

1. HOLI – Festival of Forgiveness. On this festival, anyone can enter anyone’s house. Everyone welcomes the other. During the year, we develop multiple conflicts. This day is the day when we let go the conflicts and start it all over again.

2. HOLI – Festival of Confidence. Confidence is defined as ‘Absence of fear’ or ‘Absence of inhibition’. The festival is celebrated in pure uninhibited form. In the beginning of the day, inhibition exists against cold water or colour on the face, but once someone put a bucket of water on you or put a colour on your face then all inhibition goes away.

3. HOLI – Festival of Equality. Once all the people are submerged in colours, all look alike, all look equal and all behave in a similar manner.
Amazing design of the festival which cleans the 3 key evils of the society – Fear, Inequality and living in past.

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