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Design Thinking in Sustainable Social Institutions For Eye Care

Sunday, January 25th, 2015
An Eye On Eye Care

An Eye On Eye Care

In Tamil Nadu, a state of 70 million people, there are 3 High specialised Eye Care institutions,
a. Arvind Eye Hospital started in small town of Madurai
b. Shankara Netralaya started in Chennai
c. Shankara Eye Hospital started in Coimbatore.

Each of these hospitals have created a very high impact by building a capacity of performing over 1,00,000 lakhs free surgeries per year. They started in decade of 1970’s.

All the above institutions are performing world class precision surgery with perfect care and doing this service Home to Home and that too free.

My Observations

1. They identified one of the biggest problem i.e. Blindness in old age causes substantial productivity loss. For the patient and for the care taker.
2. Dr. Venkataswamy of Arvind Eye Hospital, Dr. Badrinath of Shankar Nethralaya and Dr. Ramani of Sankara Eye hospitals have founded these institutions with very genuine purpose supported by complete passion, unflinching commitment and uncompromising execution.
3. They applied design thinking to design the
a. Financial model – 80:20 – 20% paid surgery supports 80% free surgeries
b. Highly reduced cost model – built highly efficient supply chain of experts, care takers, Operation theatres, local lens manufacturing and delivered end to end operation in less than 30 USD.
c. The 30 USD includes – Cost of transportation of the patient from Village to super speciality hospital, Stay and food for 2 days, Lens for the surgery, Operation Theatre costs, Surgeon and health care cost, post operative recheck.
d. The surgeries are performed at 6 sigma accuracy.
4. All these institution performs highly complex surgeries like Retina, Cornea transplant etc etc beyond the regular Cataract surgeries.
5. They are involved in continuous research and publish scores of research paper in international conferences.
Now I have few questions
Q1. If State of Tamilnadu has 3 such institutions why they didn’t proliferate in other state?
Q2. These 3 institutions perform more than few lacs surgeries in Tamilnadu state alone, what happens to needy people in other states? What is the Blind population in other states?
Sankara Eye Hospital has vision to set up one such hospital in every state of India. They have model to make the hospital self sustainable in 5 years. They already opened these hospitals in Anand, Gujarat, Shimoga and Bangalore in Karnatka, Vijaywada and Guntur in Andhra Pradesh, Kanpur in UP, Mumbai in Maharashtra.
They have vision of setting 20 such hospitals by 2020 as per Dr. Ramani and Dr. Janakiraman.

I am sure similar design thinking must have been applied in other super specialisation health care to reduce the costs and making the model self sustaining. Please share those details.

A Nugget From JK

Sunday, January 25th, 2015


Enlightenment in every phrase.

Enlightenment in every phrase.

Yesterday, My daughter Aarushi brought a homework for me i.e. School had given a small booklet on Thoughts of J Krishnamurthy on education and learning.

I like clarity of many commonly used words which I was not clear of. Few of them I am mentioning here

. “To enquire and to learn is the function of mind. By learning I do not mean the mere cultivation of memory or the accumulation of knowledge, but the CAPACITY TO THINK CLEARLY, to start from FACTS and not from beliefs and ideals.There is no learning if thoughts originates from conclusions.”

– “Sensitivity is the start point for Love. Love is defined as Humility, gentleness, consideration, patience and courtesy.”

With A Noble Nobel Laureate

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015
Endearing. Unassuming.

Endearing. Unassuming.

I listened to purposeful speech of Kailash Satyarthi, a fully genuine, optimistic, committed with holistic purpose of eradicating child labor and exploitation from humanity.

I love his statement – growth of Fear and growth of intolerance, both are growing along with world GDP growth. Somewhere there is a hand of exploited and uneducated childhood resulting in building a ‘High angered society’. Otherwise world with more resources than entire human community needs have so much frustration, anger and violence.

One reflection :

Why I am blind sighted to child labour working at various houses around me and I sympathetic to them but not taking any proactive dissent leave aside action?

The Self-Image Cuboid

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

The last 3 posts have helped in clarifying my thoughts around Acceptance, Self Image and hurt.

My Learnings –

Self Image has been designed in the brain to ‘protect me’. It measures itself against one index – ACCEPTANCE.

Let’s assume Self image as a Cube with 6 faces.
Face 1 – My Talent – Skills/Expertise/beauty/body
Face 2 – My ability to discriminate (Vivek)/ Judgement/Decisions
Face 3 – My Vision/ Dreams/ Ambitions
Face 4 – My Family/ My relatives/ My Friends
Face 5 – My Relative position in comparison to others/ My Acceptance
Face 6 – My Beliefs/Allegiances (My Country, My Religion, my political ideology, my sports team, my role models)

Whenever someone passes an unpleasant comment against any of the 6 faces, I feel Hurt. Whenever someone conveys any appreciation or any event of win happens, the volume of the cuboid goes up and I feel happier. My happiness is linked to 6 faces of Self image. Any face of the Self Image cube has potential to ‘make your day’ or ‘break your day’.

When India wins world cup, the self image of all Indians goes up. When BJP wins, all people aligned to BJP ideology, feel elated (Face 6). When I get the next promotion, my relative position in comparison to 10 others gets vindicated and thus my self image goes up (face 5). Whenever someone’s son/daughter get admitted to IIT or IAS, then his self image gets a boost (Face 4). When someone appreciates my plans and the details of the plans, my self image feels good(Face 3). When I take a decision to buy particular shares in stock market and it performs well, then I feel good and appreciate my ability to have smart judgement (Face 2). Similarly whenever my daughter bakes a nice cake, I appreciate her for her baking skills, then her self image gets a boost (face 1).

For the hurts, it is exactly reverse of the above. If my teacher gives lesser marks on particular subject, it hurts me (face 1). When my mother tells me that I should not have bought a particular dress, then my judgement is challenged and thus creates hurt (face 2). When my supervisor tells me that I don’t have the right thinking to lead a particular project then it hurts (face 3). When Mother-in law comments on the mother of the daughter in law, she feels hurt (face 4). If I don’t get promoted when my close friend does, then I feel hurt (face 5). Whenever someone comments on my religion then I feel hurt (face 6).

Each hurt has potential to convert into wound. The size and duration of the wound is directly proportional to

1.Who made the comment,
2. The importance person pays to that event,
3.What impact that event makes in ‘physical existence image’ of that person.

A Conversation on Hurt

Saturday, January 3rd, 2015
Causing ripples within

Causing ripples within

We feel hurt when someone says negative things about us.
Where is that Hurt felt?

We say it is an Emotional hurt.
Where is this emotional hurt physically perceived in the human body?

We say it is self image which gets hurt, when someone says negative things about us.
Where is the self image formed?
How is the self image formed?
What part of that self image gets hurt?

I had a dialogue on Hurt, on Facebook. I must thank every contributor to the topic. Your inputs substantial added to my perspective including book Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz.

I ordered the book and liked following statement – “The self image sets the boundaries of individual accomplishment. It defines what you can and cannot do. EXPAND THE SELF IMAGE and you expand the AREA OF POSSIBLE.”

The hurt is like ‘BAG of WOUNDS” which we may carry on our virtual emotional back. Sometimes its very heavy occupying large ‘AREA of POSSIBLE’, thus impacting self image and self esteem.

Sometime Hurt can create ‘Bag of Inspirations’ when one take hurt as a Challenge of possibilities.

Lets in 2015, drop the bag of Wounds and fill the bag of Inspirations which will help us in Expanding our AREA OF POSSIBLE.