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Birds – Unmukt

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014



I was walking at Madras Club where there were lots of migratory birds, pure white, on green lawns. I found these birds were very comfortable in a new environment and were not scared of unknown people like us.

What phenomenon makes these birds fearless and trusting even with human beings?

This question triggered next question?

1. Do birds kill each other for their existence?

I observed there are parrots, sparrows, Pigeons, Owls and new migratory birds in the same lawn playing independently without disturbing each other. They are not even showing any discomfort from a new set of birds intruding into their predefined territory.

I went to the internet to search if birds kills each other for their survival. I didn’t find any example at first glance and later, only a few species. Even the Crow (no a well respected bird among humans) when he gets a food, invites other crows by shouting to share that food.

2. Do Birds have territory like most of the animals have?

3. We should not even talk about territories dispute in Human race where Territories are not physical alone but expands to emotional and then acceptance and appreciation.

4. Is it because Birds have 3 dimensional space to expand and that space itself is Boundary less?

Does Design Thinking emerge from boundary-less thinking where there is security, trust and exploration?

Does that environment lead to pure entrepreneurship?

Plants, Trees and Personalities

Sunday, December 28th, 2014
More than meets the eye.

More than meets the eye.

I was observing various trees in my area. There are many kinds of trees, I observed.

1. One tree has a long arm (branch) which was growing horizontally almost parallel to the ground instead of growing vertical. I found this tree like a nice resting place for the birds and provides a play field as well.

2. One other Banyan tree hidden in the corner of Madras gives the feeling of a grandfather. Lots of young children (small creepers) just climbing all around its body. The grandfather tree creates more such trunks from the hanging roots so that children get more spaces to cling on.

3. One young tree was growing purple-coloured flowers and parrots are just coming during play breaks to get refreshments.

4. One other tree was growing taller and taller, trying to claim more sunlight and visibility from everyone.

5. Now there were plants which are communicating like children playing in nurseries. Each plant is manifesting their uniqueness with shape, size, colour and beauty of flowers; each plant is trying to get attention from others and a few butterflies and bees are accepting them.

6. Some of the plants are not in a hurry to produce flowers and wants to contribute to mother nature by shaping their leaves and presenting themselves in different colours, cut and sizes like Diamond do.

7. I saw a set of plants fearful and just clinging to the concrete wall for the security.

8. I saw another set of plant which wants to rise on the back of other large tree by intermingling and building strong relationship with all branches and leaves of the tree.

Do we have similar pattern of personalities in Human Society?

A $100 mn Startup Goes Public

Friday, December 19th, 2014

Ringing in the new!

Ringing in the new!

Yesterday was the big day in life of Polaris, where Intellect Design Arena limited got listed on National Stock Exchange. First Bell ringing ceremony happened yesterday at 10.00 AM on 18.12.14.

Intellect is a full spectrum Banking and insurance Product company marks the beginning of IP led journey. For Intellect family its like a 100 million dollar startup.

Congratulations to all Polaris and Intellect associates, customers and well wishers.

Acceptance, Comparison and Facebook

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014



We as a human beings are always looking for Acceptance.

Acceptance from our parents, acceptance from uncles/aunties, acceptance from elders, acceptance from teachers, acceptance from brothers/sisters, acceptance from peers, acceptance from supervisors, acceptance from our role models, acceptance from community, acceptance from industry fora.

Once we start getting acceptance, we start moving towards Comparison. Comparing the acceptance we receive to what others received.

Facebook has understood this emotional need of human being so beautifully by designing 3 measures of online Acceptance –

a. Like
b. Comment
c. Share

These are 3 levels measure acceptance with immediate gratification.

That makes Facebook Addictive and great business success.

Aiming for perspective

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014


For the first time in history, mechanical energy was stored in the bow and arrow.

The same principle took a few thousand years, i.e. in 15th century, to connect with a physical object called spring.

So spring was a very positive invention; it helped in building Watches, for instance. On the other hand, someone else thought of using the same spring for destructive thinking and made the Gun. Both inventions created a huge impact for humanity.

Interesting output of human mind out of same invention. Should we call this phenomenon as Perspective, or something else?