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Scotland – On High Ground

Monday, July 14th, 2014

I spent five days with my family in Edinburgh and Scotland, for my son’s graduation from the University of Edinburgh. We took a tour to the Highlands as well. We liked the vast stretch of green mountains with many rivers of fresh water; they make for such good living conditions. Everything was fine, except the extreme temperatures.

The total population of Scotland was just over 4,80,000 people across the country in the 15th Century. The numbers grew to just 5 million over the last five centuries.

The culture of Scotland has produced some remarkable thinking gurus of modern times – from inventions in the medical field, like pioneering surgery, to Philosophy to economics – Adam Smith, for instance. From big business to philanthropy – Andrew Carnegie; Poetry to literature – Burns and Hume; scientists like Graham Bell, humorists, television personalities, even criminals!

The country has produced remarkable minds on a sustained basis.

I was wondering what the role of a Culture is in making such high quality output.

Broken down into data points,

  1. Edinburgh population has remained more or less constant at 4.8 million people to 5.2 million people over the last 100 years.
  2. Visibly there are no high rise buildings being created – No anxiety to imitate.
  3. Walking and Cycling are still quite the dominant modes of travel.
  4. Art and festivals are participated by one and all.

From the outside, Scotland does not even seem to be marketing itself as a great tourist destination, when compared to its counterpart countries.
Is it Humility and self security that matter to grow internally?