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Saturday, November 12th, 2011

Yesterday I was watching a movie ‘Bubblegum’. The movie reminded me of my childhood and dilemmas faced in growing up years. The movie is based on  a deaf and dumb boy who studies in a hostel and his younger brother who is normal teenager. The story is focussed on the dynamics of parents in terms of their relationship with both children and each other.

During the movie, one dialogue hit me – Between the two sons, who is handicapped?

I felt that it’s easy to spot a physical handicap and feel a sense of pity about the disability. We don’t feel sorry for the disability but feel sorry for the person. Even my own mind was clouded by some unknown emotion which prevented me from accepting the two children as equals. It was as though there was a dark space in my mind.

In a human body, having a non functioning part is like having 3 rooms in a house where one room does not have light. It is as simple as that – and one can still live in the other two rooms.

But the more important realisation is: do I realise or recognise –

  1. How many people around me are handicapped because they are infected with the lifelong disability of Anger? It’s a disability which doesn’t only make them sick but infects hundreds of people around them.
  2. How many people around me are handicapped because they are infected with acquired disability of Arrogance? Can you believe that a human being actually feels happy and excited by acquiring this disability?
  3. How many people around me are handicapped because they never realised when they got the disability of Greed? It’s like a cancer cell growing somewhere in the body without giving any signal to the person or to anyone else.

It turned on lights in the dark room of my mind space – my understanding of the word Disability – Disease of Ability.


Friday, November 11th, 2011

This morning when I woke up, my daughter reminded me that today was a special day.  I asked her ‘Why?’  wondering if I missed any birthday in the family.  She told me that the day was special because it says 11th November,2011.  And suddenly, it occurred to me that all the 3 elements of dd, mm, yy are 11 i.e. 11.11.11 – truly,  The Power of Three.

In mythology, The Power of Three is referred to as Trinity.

Christianity has defined the Trinity to be the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. It is interesting that the three divine persons are distinct, yet co-exist in Unity

Most of us grew up learning about Hindu Mythology and the Holy Trinity. Brahma as the Creator, Vishnu as the Preserver and Shiva as the destroyer (in the context of re-generation).  The Trinity of the female Goddesses is represented by Saraswati, Goddess of Knowledge, Lakshmi for wealth and Parvati for Power or strength.

Mythology talks about success and satisfaction  coming from the presence of the Trinity – never one without the other and never one above the other. Pragmatically speaking, what is the use of wealth if one does not possess good health or does not have the wisdom to channelize that wealth? Or what is the use of knowledge, if it does not manifest into wealth creation or betterment of our family, society and our eco system?

Now, where is all this leading to? I picked up a very powerful message in this for every IT professional. Are we nurturing the Trinity within us?  But first, how do I define Trinity for an IT professional?

Trinity in our world, would translate into Domain, Technology and Process.

We have spent decades in this industry nurturing domain knowledge, technology and process knowledge… but in individual silos. We seem to be looking at “expertise” individually – as a Domain expert, a Technology expert, or Delivery expert.  Shouldn’t we be calling ourselves “Solution Experts”.  Solution is about solving customer problems and this requires all the 3 expertise, coming together!!!!

If you have the ‘Trinity’ in you, ie the combined lens of domain, process and technology , what would you be doing differently?

You will create Trinity of Goddesses!!!

Design completely ;   Diagnose accurately   and Deliver (D-3 OTIF).

Design is all about being functionally complete and aesthetically beautiful. You can design your calendar for better time planning, design program code for higher performance, design a project plan to use resources efficiently, or design test scripts to reduce efforts and ensure complete coverage, design Analytics which can help it’s user to take better decisions, design effective data models, design data migration, design customer experience etc etc. It’s all about DESIGN that makes an IPhone different from other smart phones. Don’t you agree?

With the Trinity of domain, technology and process, your diagnostics capabilities would move from a General Practitioner to a Specialist. Imagine the difference between a ‘rip apart’ surgery to a precision Laparoscopic surgery ! Understanding of Domain, technology and Process at L3 level gives you the ability of accurately spotting the problem/constraint/defect in a 3-dimension frame.

Delivery within Scope, Time and Cost is an outcome of superior design and sharper diagnostics resulting in delivering 3 days ahead of schedule. D-3 OTIF is ultimate customer satisfaction !

On 11.11.11, let me wish all of you The Power of Three !  My friends, it is time to switch on all the lights within you.


Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Guru Govind Singh is one of the biggest corporate leaders of  this millenium.

What a good institution needs

a. A brand
b. Following best practices and plethora of best practices.
c. Systems to promote team work
d. Systems to build humility
e. Systems to build respect for everyone and every work.
f. Commitment to PURPOSE.
g. All celebrations on Sundays.

All the six elements are built by him so beautifully by him.

a. Human identity becomes brand
b. Bhangra as a group dance becomes a tool to remove inhibitions from the people’s minds.
c. Guru Granth Sahib is worshiped – i.e. Knowledge is worshiped
d. Guru Granth Sahib consists of  best knowledge from every religious gurus.
e. Common kitchen on Sundays – Langar – same food eaten by all and together.
f. Kar seva – picking the shoes to cleaning the floor brings the ego to ground.
g. Ready to do any work.
h. Fighting spirit
i. No good or bad days – just Sundays.