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Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

There is a personal consciousness which helps in making one aware of his thought process or events of the thought process. What triggers a particular thought or what is the stimulus of particular thought. This stimulus can be the EFFECT of the CAUSE created by Karma’s.

Once we are aware of our personal consciousness then we can have some control on the response to stimulus of the thought created by Effect of Karma’s. Now it is a fact that there is UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS POOL. One can draw from that Knowledge Pool if one gets connected to that pool.

How to get Connected to that Universal Consciousness?

First of all, one needs to accept and acknowledge the presence of this Universal Consciousness. With the normal Ego of the human being ‘I know it all’ syndrome, I will not accept presence of such a thing called Universal Consciousness. Thus Bhakti Yoga – which is based on complete surrender or acceptance of your weaknesses or accepting someone else as your complete master may provide a path towards this access.  In other words Karma Yoga will help in acknowledging personal Consciousness and Bhakti Yoga may be the very first step towards recognizing Universal Consciousness.