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Saturday, January 8th, 2011

Destructive emotions

    • Three levels of Consciousness- Ocean with different levels of depths
      • Gross – Visible waves in a sea
      • Subtle – Introspective faculty with which mind examines its own nature.
      • Very Subtle – Without any coloration from mental constructs (no conditioning) or deep waves in sea. Luminous or the ‘Mind of Buddhahood’.

Emotion – comes from Latin root emovere – something that sets mind in motion, whether towards harmful, neutral or positive action.

    • How to observe destructive and constructive emotions. (84000 negative emotions) Five categories
      • Hatred
      • Desire
      • Confusion
      • Pride
      • Jealousy
    • 4 ways to control negative emotions
      • Antidote
        It implies emotion of hatred can have antidote of Love. Jealousy can have antidote of ‘rejoice in others qualities’
      • Pride – try to appreciate others achievements and open our eyes to our own defects to cultivate humility.
      • Meditation – Emptiness – Emotions are not solid. They can vanish like clouds against sun.
      • Practice of using and transforming the emotions as a means of enhancing one’s spiritual practice.
    • Sensitivity towards other people emotions. One level of sensitivity – feel a hair in the palm of one’s hand vs another level of Sensitivity – feeling of hair in the eye.


‘In the beginning nothing comes, in the middle nothing stays, in the end nothing goes’


Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Human being need two kinds of food:

  • Food to grow his Blood, Body and Muscles.
  • Food to grow his Self Esteem.

Appreciation and Attention are foods for building self esteem. Self Esteem is the first ingredient for building inspiration. Inspiration then creates huge energies (Channelising all Physical and intellectual Potential) that channelizes the human towards building Confidence, Creativity, Risk taking, Skill and Competencies.

Normally in Emotionally Healthy families, both the foods are available and thus generate highly confident children. An emotionally healthy family is also a derivative of the Self Esteem of both the parents. As parents we need to observe that our healthy diets to our children consist of both kinds of appreciation, attention and nutrition.