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Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

As per medical Sciences – The Mind controls all the organs, tissues and cells. State of mind determines the state of preparedness of the body cells, tissues and organs. We normally say ‘Secured people are healthier than insecure people’. What does it mean?

Let’s try to define 3 states of Security:

  • State of Peace
  • State of Alert
  • State of War

The Insecure mind remains most of the time in ‘State of War’ or ‘State of Alert’. In both the situations, all the cells have to function all the time. People with secure mind instruct the body to be in State of Peace.

We all know that most of the development happens during the match of  ‘State of Peace’ vs ‘State of War’.  Similarly Human Body development also happens better for Secured people against Insecure people.

We can carry forward this logic further to 4 human evils

  • Anger
  • Arrogance
  • Greed
  • Deceit

Anger means Mind declared war. All the body cells must act.  It consumes highest amount of energy.  Arrogance means I need to be bigger than the others which implies that I have to be in constant state of Alert. State of Alert gives me Protection against defeat of my Ego.  Arrogance can also lead to State of War to protect and defeat any external war-threat to ego.

Greed means I need to exploit all the opportunities of getting ‘something for me’ which tantamount to  ’State of Alert’.  It can also declare ‘State of War’ when someone finds opportunity visible in front of his or eyes.

‘Deceit’ means I need to protect myself all the time against my lies or the situation created by me. It means ‘state of alert’ all the time.   At the time of starting the Deceit action it is like State of war or when someone discovers your deceit, it declares State of war.

When Dharma says control (A)nger, (A)rrogance, (G)reed (AAG:Fire) and (D)eceit, it means bring your body to ‘STATE OF PEACE’ first.  State of peace is a must before any development can take place.  The same analogy can be taken for better physical health of human kind.  The body cells will be more relaxed in State of peace thus resulting in less stretched Facial expressions as well less stretched body postures.  That’s why we experience lot more Energy emanating from Highly secured people because the Sum total of the Body energy is now available for outward expressions as well as internal growth of the Human body and mind.

Dharma further says two elements Truth and Perseverance are the key enablers to keep the body in State of Peace. Both the elements keep human body anchored to the State of Peace.

Now even if we are aware of these facts – What is the path of moving from Current situation to Better situation? For this, Learning and awareness are two tools by which one can progress towards  State of peace.

Process of learning and self awareness starts from:

  • Acknowledgement and acceptance
  • Humility
  • Swadhya (Reading, questioning, dialogue and absorption)
  • Meditation (Contemplation)

These 4 elements are the key drivers which enable to start the journey towards State of Peace and State of better health and State of happier life.


Saturday, December 25th, 2010

Few Reflections:

Body is an enabler to support my “life source”. Body is a subset of life source not vice versa.
Do I make attempt to connect to my Life source?
Do I make attempt to connect to other person’s Life source rather than Body?

How much my actions are governed by:

  • My nose – Ego
  • Stomach – My Greed

Nose and Stomach are masters of the Body and all other senses are their servants. They always demand – Listening to Positive news, Listening to  appreciation, Eating good food, Storing enough reserve etc

How do I connect to both?

  • Mind – Intellect
  • Heart – Love

How do I connect to Uday or Dhani. My conditioned ego treats them as child but we don’t connect with them as human beings to explore their full capacities and capabilities


Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Aspiration is an External Stimulus

Inspiration is an internal stimulus i.e. something originates from within.


Sunday, December 19th, 2010

Few Insights:

  • Information is not Wisdom
  • Wisdom is not Experiences
  • Noises – Energy sapper
  • Inspirations – Energy creators
  • Secured Mind
  • Engaged Mind
  • Experience gives different perspectives of looking at complex situations.
  • Skill – Applying set pattern of capsules of Knowledge.
  • Intelligence – Speed of building knowledge circuit of appropriate knowledge. (Speed and Coverage).
  • Wisdom – Application of Patterns of knowledge and intelligence
  • IQ – How well various group cells are connected? With each connection of Information, the better connectivity builds up. As per medical science – The better thought process can create more linkages and help to grow more connections.
  • Evidence – One is thinking over several days for a particular solution and suddenly it is solved in 10 minutes – Is it ‘Connectedness’ of right circuit?.
    Sometimes we start functioning as ‘Person under anesthesia’ – Our  nerves stop feeling the pains and feelings of world outside us. The role of a teacher is to bring awareness (Clean up nitrous gases from the thinking system).
  • Perspective is an outcome of Secured mind.
  • Secured mind is the soil on which holistic perspective can be built.
  • Thought is an outcome of Stimulus.
  • Stimulus – Touch, taste, Visual, Hearing, Smell ++++ Thought


Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

What is conflict?

Conflict is a gap between what you expect and what you get.  Thus Conflict is a natural phenomenon among most of the human beings because every human being has an independent “Business rule engine” due to his life experiences and conditioning.

Issue is ‘How do we’..

  • Recognise Conflict?
  • Accept conflict?
  • Deal with Conflict?

Every conflict consumes small amount of energy which I am naming as “Conflict energy”.

Any conflict can result into two behaviors :

  • Subordinate Mode
  • Supervisor Mode

Subordinate Mode – Behavior as a child, as a student, as a younger brother, as a subordinate in title in office, as a visitor or guest. In other words – Subordinate Mode is an expression where I am physically or emotionally in a weaker position than the other person in conflict.  In subordinate mode – The person with a conflict is soft and tries to absorb the conflict.  The conflict created may result into ‘Conflict Energy’. In case you are not able to take out heat energy on other persons then conflict energy gets converted into ‘pain energy’.

Supervisor Mode – When a person is in higher position ie as a Parent, as a Guru, as a Teacher, as an elder, as a person with more authority in a system, it may be called as supervisor mode.  Conflict energy in supervisor mode gets translated to the form of ANGER.

This conflict energy is in a mature manner. Though it is natural that conflict energy may result into anger but as a part of the awareness of a supervisor, it may have opportunity to convert into advice or suggestion, sharing.

Written in Jan ‘07


Sunday, December 12th, 2010

Meeting a SOUL or Brahma or Krishna or Tirupati Baba or Mahaveer Bhagwan can be achieved when there is no one disruption in such moments of spiritual attainment. Unfortunately, whenever we go for such meetings, some other thought catches the attention and the meeting gets disrupted.

How do I appoint a secretary who can prevent any call or entry to the room where meeting is happening with my soul?


Saturday, December 11th, 2010

Self Observation:

  1. I believe my IPU’s are more engaged in future elements rather than past elements.
  2. In recent past it started looking at CURRENT as well.


Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Team Performance

A + B + C + D =  P * Q* R * S

A – Alignment             P – Productivity

B – Balance                 Q – Quality

C – Community           R – Relationship

D – Discipline              S – Spirit


Wednesday, December 1st, 2010
  1. Observe – Catch the person doing the right things.
  2. Acknowledge – Openly acknowledge it.
  3. Appreciate – If your ego permits, appreciate it.